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What is Infinit-i

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Infinit-i . . . it stands for Infinite Intelligence.

Jay Wommack came up with the name but I have to confess, neither Jay nor myself are members of Mensa International. We’re both just regular people who have been selling our way through life since we were very young. I have been in the advertising-media-promotional business since I was 19 and Jay started selling in the 5th grade. Together we have over 70 years of in-the-trenches experience. Even though we many not be scholars in

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77 Pages of Gold

The Infinit-i Selling Process BookIn 3 hours or less you will be on your way to a lifetime of employment!

The Infinit-i Selling Process book is only 77 pages long. It can easily be read in 3 hours or less . . . but don’t get in such of a hurry. This is your success manual. Read it with a highlighting pen. You will be reading and re-reading this information for years to come.

The beginnings of the Infinit-i Selling Process started when Jay Wommack called me and said he wanted

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Your Daily Coach

Get the MP3 DownloadI seem to learn best by listening.

Some people like to read and that is their preferred path to learning and ingraining critical information into their “doing mind”. Personally, I seem to do better listening or seeing a demonstration of a new idea. Maybe that’s why my ad agency was weighted toward radio and television more than print media. On the other hand, many of my friends prefer to read. The good news is that the information contained in the Infinit-i Selling Process book is also contained on

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